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December 23, 2016 Amelia Wilcox

9 Tips to Fix Your Broken Company Culture

Do you find your employee morale is decreasing? Are your new hires just not performing like you thought they would? You may have a problem with your company culture.

In this article, we’ll give you 9 ways to diagnose and improve your company’s culture.

Company Culture Ideas: 9 Solutions You Didn’t Know You Needed

company culture ideas


1. Stick to your core values — or find out why they’re not working.

It’s important for each company to have a set of values that everyone knows of and lives by, Your company’s core values should be specific and common office knowledge.  If you need to remind everyone of them, find a way to do it. Print them out and hang them around the office or focus on them at meetings — whatever you do, just make them part of the daily conversation at work.

If your values are already well-known, you may need to change what they are. Make sure they are specific and memorable. At Entrata, they use values taken straight from lines in well-known 80s movies. They’ve become part of the conversation because they’re easy to remember and extremely specific.


company culture ideas


2. Send out an employee engagement survey

Surveying can help you to both identify where your culture is suffering and boost morale in the office. Surveys give your employees an outlet to share their concerns without fear of retribution.

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3. Hire from within

Recruiting is an essential part of your company culture. You need to hire employees that will buy into your culture vision and will fit in with their coworkers. So why not hire someone that you know already fits in? Although you may feel like you want to examine all of your options, sometimes the best option is right in front of you.


company culture ideas


4. Focus more on worker health

When culture is suffering and morale is low, employees are more likely to take more sick days.

Focus on offering more health benefits, holding a health fair, or start thinking about offering an onsite health clinic. If you value your employees’ health and give them resources to improve their own health, they’ll take notice.

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5. Celebrate wins

Employee morale is essential to a healthy culture, and employee happiness is dependent on feeling valued. Celebrate the successful finish of a big project or the end of a remarkable quarter by treating everyone to lunch, giving the office the afternoon off, or bringing in massage.


6. Stay inspired

It can be hard for everyone to stay motivated. Re-inspire your team by attending a conference together, read some award-winning company culture books, or gather everyone together for a good Lunch-and-Learn. Remind them why they love to do what they do.


company culture ideas


7. Start providing continuing education benefits

An employer’s benefits package can be their number one attraction for employees. Adding continuing education to your benefits will not only help you attract better talent, but it will improve the skills of the employees you already have. It’s a win-win. Adding this to your benefits package can improve morale, increase the quality of work employees will do, and yes, will improve your company culture.

8. Make sure everyone knows how they impact their office culture

Culture can be such a vague idea and your employees may not know all that it encompasses. Before your culture can get better, employees need to understand what culture is and how they can impact it.

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9. Start over completely

Jeremy Andrus, the current CEO of Traegar Grills and former CEO at Skullcandy, had to take drastic measures after his attempts to change the company culture didn’t work out.

He ended up having to move the company headquarters, and take only the staff that was willing to follow. It was a massive overhaul for the company but it was essential to transforming the culture from toxic to supportive.

Your culture is essential to your company’s success so keeping it healthy should be one of your top priorities. Don’t try to implement too many new changes at once because you may become overwhelmed, but try one or two of our ideas and see how they work for you.

Amelia Wilcox

Amelia Wilcox is the Founder and CEO of Nivati, a leader in corporate massage and employee mental health support since 2010. Her high-growth B2B company provides employee stress management tools that arm businesses with actionable data and positive employee experiences to improve wellbeing, boost morale, and increase engagement.

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