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March 20, 2018 Amelia Wilcox

Guide to Introducing Employees to Your Office Massage Program

We get it. Every time you bring a new employee on to your team, there’s a lot to cover during the on-boarding process. It’s important to cover every aspect of the job and your company, and to cover each topic thoroughly. So let us give you a guide to introducing employees to your office massage program.

As soon as your new employee hears that they’ll receive regular massage through your office massage program, they’ll be excited to get started! For the smoothest possible transition, you’ll want to make sure that your employees fully understand how to use the massage program.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to introduce your office massage program to new hires and what kind of material to cover.


Office Massage Services: How to Introduce New Employees to Your Program

introducing new employees to your office massage program

When you send your employees all of the information they’ll need to be fluent in your office massage program, you’ll want to be sure they’re receiving it in a way that they can refer back to.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Email
    • This is an easy, instant way that you can share all of the information about your massage program, that employees can continue to refer to.
  • A Paper Flyer
    • A small flyer that an employee can post near their desk or work station is another good option. It could be a great addition to your employee handbook. They can keep a hard copy with their stuff. If you do this, however, we do recommend sending a copy via email as well. It can be easier for people to keep track of.
  • A Website Page
    • If you have an employee portal on your website where you house an employee handbook or other important information, this is a great spot to include information about your massage program. When you send out a link to your employees, it gives them the ability to access information anytime, anywhere.

Whatever you decide to use, be sure it fits in with how you’re currently doing your new employee onboarding process. If you hand out physical copies of your employee handbook, make sure to include a section on your massage program. If all your information is sent via email, do the same with information about workplace massages.

Just make sure whatever you do is fully integrated with the other material you cover with your new hires.


4 Things to Cover About Your Office Massage Service

At Nivati, our office massage programs are completely customizable to each of our very unique clients. We’ve got clients who have 10 employees and some who have thousands, so the features of each of our client’s programs are pretty diverse.

Here’s a good list of features that you should take into consideration. Create your own list based on what applies to your office’s massage program.


1. Employee Massage Program Basics

Where does your massage program take place?

First things first—where should your employees show up to? Do massages happen in the same place every time? Is the room easy to find? Are there multiple locations for multiple therapists? Be sure to leave detailed instructions if need be.

When does the massage program happen?

While this may seem like a simple topic to cover, there’s a few aspects to think about.

How do your employees find out when massage days are? Are they on the same day every week? Is it a monthly or weekly program?

Are there certain hours that the massage therapists come in? If the employee works overnight, are there hours available to them?

Does your program include chair massage or table massage?

Most of your employees will be familiar with a traditional spa table massage, but they may not know anything about chair massage. Let them know which kind of massage you’ll be providing.

If the massage is a table massage, is it clothed or unclothed? If it’s unclothed, is there a secure, private room for clients to disrobe?

How do employees sign up for a massage at work?

Are massage times assigned or is it completed on a first come, first served basis? However you’ve decided works best for your office, be sure to let your employees know!


2. Details About Your Office Massage Service

What are your office massage program rules?

Do you have any rules for your massage program? For instance, do employees need to work a certain number of hours to qualify for massages? What happens if they miss an appointment or two? Be upfront and clear with your expectations so you don’t run into problems later on.

Who should employees contact with questions about the office massage program?

Give your employees a point of contact for any questions they may have about your massage problem. Is it someone on your staff? Or is it an office massage program manager at the massage company? Make sure they’re given a way to contact someone quickly in case they need to cancel an appointment.

How do appointment reminders work?

If your massage company provides automated appointment reminders, be sure to let your employees know how to opt in or out of reminders. You’ll also want to let them know whether they can receive emails or texts (or both!) so that they can decide what works best for them.


3. The Massage Credit System

Covering the basics of how many massages your employees can receive seems simple, but it can actually be far more complicated than that. Here are a few areas that can help you get started.

For more info on how the massage credit system in general works, read here. Every program functions very differently, but here are some basics that you’ll need to share with your employees so they’ll be prepared.

  • How many massage credits employees have
    • Are they allotted one massage per month? Or maybe 6 for the year? Whatever it is, just let them know.
  • How often they can receive those massages
    • Are massages only available once a month? Or could they use the year’s credits all at once if they’re fighting an injury?
  • Massage credit expiration dates
    • Are massage credits “use it or lose it” every month? Or do they just expire at the end of every quarter or year?
  • When they can book an appointment
    • Do massage bookings open at the beginning of each month, quarter, or year? Or is it first come, first served? Can your employees just book one massage at a time, or could they book the whole year’s worth of massages at once? Let them know so that bookings are done in a fair way!
  • Purchasing additional massage
    • Do your employees have the option to purchase unused massage slots in order to receive additional treatment?
  • Payment information
    • Are your employees required to pay for a portion of their massages? If they do need to pay part of their massages, how do they complete that payment?


4. What Employees Can Expect

For many employees, receiving massage at work is a completely new experience.

They may have several questions about how office massage program works. Here’s an article to send to help them know what they can expect from workplace massage.


Amelia Wilcox

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