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June 20, 2016 Amelia Wilcox

5 Company Culture Examples You Can Copy for Your Company Today

Looking for a few company culture examples? In the work we do here at Incorporate Massage, we’ve seen some really great examples of company culture and we wanted to share the love with our blog readers.

In this article, we’ll cover 5 awesome ways to boost your employees’ experience of your workplace. Each example of company culture is simple to start but has the opportunity for big payoffs.

5 Examples of Company Culture Your Business Needs


company culture examples

1. Hiring from within

One great company culture example we’ve seen is related to a company’s hiring process. SHRM reports that businesses have the opportunity to build better culture when they fill open positions from within the company.

Internal recruiting builds loyalty, reduces onboarding time and cost, and boosts employee morale.

A study by Futurestep shows where business leaders stand on internal recruiting today: As reported by SHRM:

Futurestep Vice President and General Manager David Marzo explained that successful internal recruitment programs can help hiring managers learn about the competencies and aspirations of their workforce, while employees learn about potential roles in the organization.

By helping employees find their best fit within a company, workers feel taken care of and respected. And businesses can see a much bigger ROI for each employee they hire.

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examples of company culture


2. Paying attention to worker’s health

Everyone one of these top 5 national companies gives some kind of attention to worker health. These best-place-to-work companies all have at least 1 of the following perks:

  • Free nutritious food for employees
  • Onsite fitness center
  • Regular onsite massage services
  • Onsite health care
  • Health support systems, such as smoking cessation groups

When employees are sick or burnt out, they perform poorly on the job, and they are unmotivated to excel. Not to mention how much quality of life can be lost when your workers are stressed out and unhealthy. 

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When companies are able to make a positive impact on their employees health, they see an immediate improvement in workplace culture.


culture of a company examples


3. Using lunch and learns to build culture

Lunch and learns are an easy way to get a captive audience of your team (especially if you serve some really great food).

If you want to use lunch and learns as a way to boost your company culture, consider some topics that will help improve your employees lives both on and off the clock:

  • Work/life balance
  • Professional development
  • Fitness tips to do at home
  • Nutrition
  • Meditation and mindfulness

To make it even more enticing for your employees to attend, consider bringing chair massage to your lunch and learns. Just set up a massage chair in the back and let employees sit in for a 5 minute massage while the lunch and learn takes place. Learn more here.


company culture example


4. Celebrating wins regularly

As reported by Brandon Fish of Entrata, employee morale and culture is heavily influenced by their regular celebrations and fun events throughout the year. Watch Brandon’s interview here: How to Improve Employee Morale

Also interviewed was Randy Rassmussen, VP of Human Resources at Nelson Laboratories. Randy has seen the most success with culture building when their company develops their activities around their employees’ interests.

Some activities these HR leaders have had success with include:

  • Private movie premieres for employees
  • Cabin retreats
  • Summer parties
  • Holiday parties


example of company culture


5. Remaining inspired

Great business leaders are inspiration junkies. They’re always looking for ways to get inspired by other successful businesses. And they’re always looking for great examples to follow.

So in addition to keeping your employees happy and inspired, do the same for yourself. Attend a conference on workplace culture. Read a few books on improving your business skills.

Or plan a corporate retreat to re-engage and inspire your higher level management team. By keeping motivated and enthusiastic for your work and your team, you’ll be better able to inspire and lead your colleagues.


Bonus tip: Don’t fall for these culture myths

With easy-to-start culture ideas like these, your company should see some improvement quickly. But don’t forget — culture isn’t everything.

If you’re not careful, you may fall prey to some of these myths about company culture.



Amelia Wilcox

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