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Employee Assistance Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EAP?

An Employee Assistance Program or EAP is a workplace program that employees can participate in voluntarily. They typically offer confidential resources and counseling for everything from stress, grief, physiological disorders, addiction, and even anger management. EAPs help address issues before they impact an employee’s ability to work productively. They are there to make sure employees receive care before issues impact their job performance. 

EAPs were initially created to help employees with alcohol and drug abuse issues in the late 1930s. Over time, they’ve developed to support employees experiencing a wide range of issues. In our ever-changing work environments, with COVID-19 introducing growing issues such as anxiety, relationship issues, traumatic events, and other emergency response situations, effective programs needed to grow to address a wide range of topics. Employee assistance programs now even assist with financial and legal-related issues.

Employee Assistance Programs

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What is Virtual Massage?

In-person massages are excellent for relieving stress, but have you ever tried a virtual massage? As more and more of our world and work move online, a new need has arisen for virtual guided massage to manage workplace stress.  An unprecedented number of employees are now working remotely, and remote employees need stress management tools, too!

That’s where virtual wellness programs come in. With innovative companies now offering a wealth of online health care options, your remote team can receive the same support they did when working in a physical office but now offered in an online setting. 

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Top 4 Most Important Benefits for Millennials and Gen Z

38% of the workforce are part of the Millennial or Gen Z generations. With the Millennials reaching their 40s and the oldest Gen Zers entering the workforce, it’s likely your company has encountered challenges when it comes to recruiting them. Let’s delve into the most important benefits for Millennials and Gen Z, why they are essential, and how you can better support your current workforce.

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The New Pandemic: Families & the Mental Health Crisis

Ever since my babies were born, I’ve been a working mom. I’ve had multiple businesses, survived the 2008-2009 recession, and more – but these past couple of years have been some of the hardest.

Between working remotely, having kids at home, social isolation, economic concerns, pandemic fears, it’s no wonder that 48% of parents are experiencing increased stress levels since the COVID began.

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Your Guide to Running An Incredible One-On-One Meeting

The one-on-one meeting is like that special ingredient that makes a recipe come together. They are a habit that makes all the difference for a company’s culture and employee wellbeing. One-on-ones are 100% necessary for any company – especially remote teams. Here’s some advice on one-on-one meetings, why they matter, and how to run one effectively and efficiently.

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Unique Incentives to Get Employees Back to Work

Unemployed workers are getting unemployment checks that are bigger than their pay stubs were. Now, HR leaders are facing a new challenge – getting employees back to work.

In June 2021, 9.5 million Americans were unemployed, yet 10.1 million jobs were available. This is unprecedented!

Other companies are struggling to get their current employees to return to in-person work. Some are struggling to keep employees due to other companies offering higher wages and more benefits.

You can do more (for less cash) by going beyond employee benefits.

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