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What is Driving HR Burnout and How Companies Can Take Care of HR

Why is HR in Crisis?

HR is a brutal job­—why would anyone go into this profession? According to a 2019 study published in Human Resources, HR tops the rankings of most stressful professions, with 79% of HR professionals reporting unhealthy levels of job stress or anxiety. That was before the pandemic, which put HR professionals on the front line of businesses, having to provide support to employees who were struggling with personal, family, and work crises and stress.

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How Busy Humans Can Find Time to Cook

Finding time to cook can be hard!

“I’m so tired, let’s just go out” is a statement that has passed my lips many times over the years. During Covid, it reversed to “I’m so tired, let’s just order in.” Now, as the world has re-opened and demands on my energy have become especially abundant, I find myself tempted to let others do the cooking more and more frequently. “Why cook for myself when someone else can do it for me,” is the question that seems so practical as it trots through my brain.

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Key Ways Small Companies Can Help Employees Feel Valued

Incredible benefits aren’t just for large companies. Paxton Gray of 97th Floor talked to us about how his company created a culture of feeling heard and valued. Their benefits are more than just benefits; they’re designed to help employees grow and succeed in all areas of life.

Read on to learn how 97th Floor is doing it and get some inspiration on how to support your employees, too.

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Ways Company Leaders Can Help Employees Improve Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence at Work

Mental health is a topic that applies to everyone and in all areas of life, and it’s something that should never be ignored or brushed under the rug. Employees spend about 40 hours—give or take—in the workplace every week, yet discussions surrounding mental health among colleagues is often not considered a pressing matter. Self-esteem and confidence are closely tied to the state of the mental health.

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How Managers Can Have a Conversation on Mental Health: Insights from Natasha Bowman

We had an incredible conversation with Natasha Bowman, an advocate and champion for workplace equity and founder of The Bowman Foundation for Workplace Equity and Mental Wellness.

Read on to learn more about Bowman, her mental health story, and how managers can talk to their employees about mental health.

Warning: This blog post mentions suicide.

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