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December 22, 2016 Amelia Wilcox

Understanding the Cost of Mobile Massage at Work

If you’re planning your office massage budget for next year, you might be wondering what numbers to plug in.

In this article, we’ll cover everyone’s first question about the work we do: What is the cost of mobile chair massage?

We’ve listed out our cost per hour for both massage events, like employee appreciation days; and on-going massage programs, as in a workplace wellness initiative. Finally, we’ll end with a few ideas to keep your mobile massage rates as low as possible.

Cost of Mobile Chair Massage: Events vs. Programs


As of this writing, the price range for our mobile chair massage services ranges from $60/hour to $95/hour. You can check out the details here. Massage pricing and quotes will include both paid and unpaid breaks, depending on the duration of an event. But if you want a deeper look into mobile massage rates, read on.

Prices for office chair massage services are based on how many therapists are working, how long the event is, and how many people will be getting massages. Most massage companies will quote you a price based how long each massage therapist will be working at your event. Keep in mind that the quotes you get may or may not include tips for massage therapists.


cost of mobile chair massage


Mobile Massage Rates for Events

A one-time employee appreciation massage event is a great pick-me-up for employee morale and stress relief. But if you’re concerned with cost, keep in mind that you’ll likely be paying your massage company for their highest priced service.

The longer your massage event is, and/or the more massage therapists you have, the lower your price per therapist/per hour will be. Our cost for mobile massage for events ranges from $70-$95 per hour, per therapist. Massage pricing and quotes will include both paid and unpaid breaks, depending on the duration of an event.

Typically, an event will be a special occasion like a health fair, employee appreciation day, holiday party, or summer celebration. Because of the nature of these events, the type of massage done is usually chair massage, rather than table massage. Since chair massage is easy to set up anywhere, it doesn’t matter what kind of venue your event will take place — the massage therapists will be able to set up in any convenient place.

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cost of mobile massage


Cost of Mobile Massage for Workplace Programs

Generally, companies will get a better value with a repeated massage program. Not only will the cost per massage drop, but you’ll start to see some great benefits of regular massage in your workers.

You can get more massage hours by simply adding an additional massage therapist to your program schedule, or by increasing the number of days you have massage onsite.

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Our lowest possible rate is part of our recurring massage program pricing plan. Our mobile massage rates for ongoing workplace programs range from $60-$85 per hour, per therapist.

Workplace massage programs can use either chair massage or table massage. As part of a regular program, rather than a special event, program massage might be dedicated to a specific room in your company’s building. When that’s the case, it’s easier to arrange for unclothed massages to take place on a massage table. On-going programs also tend to have more flexibility as far as how many people will receive massages and how long the massages can be. With a special event, you’re pretty much limited to the length of your event time.


Managing the Cost of Mobile Massage

We only work with companies that cover all or part of the cost of their office massage program or event. You can read about that decision here.

But there are still ways to make workplace massage an achievable goal for your company. Here are some of the best options we’ve seen:

  1. Cost-sharing with employees
    • Employees pay $3-$5 for their massages, and the company pays the balance.
  2. Reallocate the budget
    • Split the cost of office massage evenly among all budget categories, from wellness, to employee benefits, to the “party fund.”
  3. Reduce massage days
    • Cut back on the number of days you have a massage therapist onsite, as long as each employee still has an opportunity for massage during the month.



Amelia Wilcox

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