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March 21, 2016 Amelia Wilcox

Why Don’t More Companies Have On Site Corporate Spas?

If you’re looking into bringing onsite spa services to your employees, you’re a member of an exclusive group. Onsite spa services for employees are still a relatively untapped benefit — but not for much longer.

In this article, we cover what companies that have these services have in common, and the main reasons other companies haven’t jumped on-board yet.

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Top 3 Questions about Corporate Spa Services


Big companies such as Intel and Microsoft offer on site spa services to their employees. But the trend doesn’t seem to be picking up with other big companies, or if it is, those companies sure aren’t publicizing it. So what’s the deal?

In 2013, Greatist published a piece on the 46 Healthiest Companies to Work For. One common theme among those companies is access to wellness services such as massage — either in an onsite spa, a chair massage program, or a monthly stipend to go towards massage or fitness.

But corporate spas go even further than office chair massage programs. Here are 3 main questions companies have about corporate spas.


Question #1: What is a Corporate Spa?


A corporate spa is an on site service where employees can go to get traditional spa services like massage, facials, manicures, body wraps, or even acupuncture. The reason they’re “on site” is because they’re services that are housed on campus with the rest of the company.

Corporate spas can be entirely run by an outside business or by the company itself. With either arrangement, there can be a variety of ways to pay for the services as well. Some companies provide the space for the spa services but want employees to pay for their treatments, and others cover it completely, with any number of cost-sharing options in between.



on site spa services for employees


Question #2: What are the Benefits of a Corporate Spa?


The first thing most business owners will say when considering a major investment is — why bother? In other words, what’s the ROI? It’s a fair question.

Here are some reasons bigger companies are splurging on investments like on site spas:

  • Improve employee morale
  • Improve employee retention
  • Be competitive with benefits
  • Create better working environments for employees

Companies with on site spas are able to provide a convenient way for employees to feel pampered and cared for — just steps away from their desks.

And as we all know, employee morale and stress reduction goes a long way.

massage and spa service for employees

Question #3: How Much Do Corporate Spas Cost?


One thing is clear — on site company spas can cost a pretty penny to build. That’s usually money that start-ups or mid-sized companies aren’t able to free up. Building an employee-only spa is generally something only the really big companies can manage. 

In addition to the cost of building out the proper space (treatment rooms, reception area, laundry facility), there’s also the cost of running the spa — including the service providers (massage therapists, hair stylists, estheticians) and the management staff (spa director and receptionists).

There are two options when starting an onsite spa — build it yourself, or outsource it to a vendor company who will staff it and run things for you. Some costs can be offset with a cost-sharing program with employees, where employees pay for all or part of the services they receive.


Wellness at Work: Starting Small


If building an onsite spa for employees isn’t in the budget for your company, there are some small steps you can take.

Start with giving employees gift cards or a stipend at a local spa. Or consider bringing in a mobile spa service or office massage therapy company for a one-time event.

Even if you can’t devote one wing of the building to spa services, there are still ways to bring relaxation and morale-boosting services to your employees. 


Amelia Wilcox

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