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Employee Massage Incentive Programs


Motivation takes great employees and makes them even better.

It instills confidence, and boosts morale. But too often employee incentives don’t match company goals or culture. We tend to reward employees with sugar and sweets—a nice gesture, but sugar highs lead to afternoon crashes, and employees end up right back where they started.

Employee incentive programs don’t just reward.

They improve morale, strengthen workplace relationships, and reinforce a team mentality. But what if there was a better way to motivate and reward your employees?

Chair massage motivates and has bonus benefits.

Incorporating massage into any employee incentive program can give your office the motivation it needs with an incentive you won’t regret. They’ll work hard for a massage, and you’ll reap the unintended benefits—a workforce who’s less stressed, more productive, and all around happier.

Employee incentives also make unforgettable rewards.

So whether you’re rewarding attendance, years of service, Secretary’s Day, employee of the month, or just because you’re a rock star boss, Nivati can help you turn employee incentives into a healthy reward.

Let us customize an employee incentive program to meet your unique needs.

Our team of licensed massage therapists can help you build a massage-based incentive program for your office. Whether it’s yearly, monthly, weekly, or even daily, we’ll create an employee incentive program that your office will never forget, and certainly one that you won’t regret.

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