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Golf Tournament Chair Massage

Golf Tournament Massage Tent

Excellent idea. The green is where deals get made, alliances are formed, and bragging rights are forged. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity for your company to stand out from the crowd of other sponsors. Enter, golf tournament chair massage.


Get Noticed with Chair Massage

Massage on the golf course can help you get your name out there. Branded pens and t-shirts only go so far. If you want to make a lasting impression at your next golf-sponsored event, consider using massage. Here’s why:

Eighteen holes is a long afternoon spent under the sun. Your clients, your employees, or your prospective partners are going to get tired sooner or later. Plus, you want to show them a good time. Treating them to a massage when they get to your sponsored hole is like an oasis of relaxation that they won’t soon forget. Plus, it caps off a pretty great day outside of the office.


Chair Massages Mix Business With Pleasure

Putting your brand front and center with massage is easier than you might think. We’ve taken the complication and guesswork out of the entire process. If you’re ready to book golf tournament chair massage, just tell us when and where. We’ll provide the licensed massage therapists, the shade, and all the relaxation and good vibes you can handle. The result? Your sponsorship won’t just go unnoticed—it will be remembered for quite some time.


Chair Massage is a Hole in One

There isn’t a bad place to get a massage. And some places are just made for it…like the golf course. Wherever you get a massage, you’re getting more than relaxation. Less stress, better circulation, lower blood pressure, and a healthier immune system are just a few of the long-term benefits that come with massage. Golf tournament chair massage is no exception.

If you’re sponsoring a hole at an upcoming golf tournament, we’d love to help. Let us know the date, the hours, and a little about your company, and we’ll provide a free estimate.

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