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How does the #un-EAP
create happy employees?

It’s so simple, it’s awesome.

Effortless implementation,
epic employee engagement.

We’ll help your company build a culture that prioritizes mental health and supports your employees in the way they need. We do the heavy lifting so your company can stress less and take care of business quickly and easily.

<b>Employee </b> census

Employee census

Get launched in 48 hours. All we need is a list of your employees, and we’ll take care of the rest!

<b>Kickoff</b> Event

Kickoff Event

Nivati helps your entire team take care of their mental health so they can take care of business!

<b>Access</b> your data

Access your data

Log in and see data that helps you support your team. We’ll notify you of new counselors in your area and new videos.

<b>Meet</b> your manager

Meet your manager

Meet with your Client Success Manager once a quarter. Their mission is to help your company reach its goals.


It’s just as easy for your team to get the care they need!

<b>Attend</b> kickoff event

Attend kickoff event

You’ll learn how your company will be using Nivati to support mental health needs.

<b>Create </b> account

Create account

Log in and answer a few questions so we can serve you best.

<b> Take </b> assessment

Take assessment

Prioritize your mental health in our all-in-one wellness app.

<b>Choose </b> your care

Choose your care

Choose between on-demand proactive care videos or schedule a live session.

Nivati has something for everyone.

We’ll even make tailored app customizations for your company to meet your employees’ mental health needs best.



Find a licensed therapist with the expertise that fits your needs. You’ll have access to them forever.

<b>Massage </b>


Attend virtual massage classes and onsite corporate massage.

<b>Fitness </b>


From HIIT to pilates, follow along to a large library of fitness resources and live personal training sessions.

<b>Nutrition </b>


Learn from expert nutritionists and get personalized coaching just for you!

<b>Yoga </b>


Choose from in-person, live, and on-demand yoga classes.



Follow along to guided meditations on demand or attend a live class.

<b>Life Coaching</b>

Life Coaching

Meet with a certified life coach to determine your goals and how to reach them!



Take control of your current budget and your financial future.

3,641+ companies love Nivati.

Everything for employee wellbeing in one app.