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What is the Employee Upgrade Option?

The Employee Upgrade Option is a feature of our Unlimited Massage Program level which allows your employees to purchase additional massage sessions out of their own pocket.

Why Add the Employee Upgrade Option to Your Massage Program?

The benefits to bringing on this easy upgrade to your program range from health benefits for staff to financial benefits for employers, and include:

Employer Benefits:

  • Easy and immediate to implement — simple flip of a switch
  • No cost to employer to launch
  • Reduces company’s overall program cost because employees are purchasing the open slots (which get deducted from the company invoice)

Employee Benefits:

  • Employees with specific health issues can get the therapy they need
  • Employees who want more massage can get it with the therapist they already know and like
  • Saves employees time and money from having to get more therapy elsewhere outside of the office

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