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Employer Provided Massage Programs

Healthy Employees, Healthy Business.

Unhealthy employees aren’t cheap. Rising healthcare costs, missed time, and lost productivity adds up—both in dollars and cents as well as morale. And the problem is getting worse. Nearly three-quarters of American workers say the office is a main source of stress in their lives. More stress means more illness, and more illness cuts into your bottom line. The way we see it, health is an asset, just like your building or your inventory. If your employees are healthier, your business will be too.

A Hands-On Massage Solution.

Massage isn’t just a “perk.” It’s an investment with a measurable ROI. Recent studies show that employer provided massage plays a significant role beyond just helping people feel better. It decreases anxiety by 28%, depression by 28%, and blood pressure by 6%. Add fewer headaches and better sleep quality to the mix and you end up with a fun, relaxing, and affordable way to boost health, along with productivity, around the office.

Along with tangible health benefits, employer provided massage pays serious dividends that include decreased insurance costs, fewer workers comp claims, higher morale, and a nice way to recruit employees.

Start Investing in Health with Employer-Provided Massage.

Corporate massage works for any-sized business and any-sized budget. Massage in the office is a full-clothed relaxing experience from a chair that only takes 15-20 minutes to deliver amazing results. And we handle everything so you can relax (literally) while we do the rest. From simple online employee scheduling to seamless online payments, corporate massage is a sinch to incorporate into your wellness plan. We’ll send out reminders, deliver certified massage therapists right to your door and let your employees enjoy the rest. Oh, and tipping, travel, and amazing service are all included.

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