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Massage for Housekeeping Appreciation Week

Chair Massage for Your Housekeepers

They care for your guests. Housekeeping Appreciation Week is the time to return the favor.

They clean, they host, they organize—and they do it all with a smile on their faces. Housekeepers and hospitality professionals have made a career going above and beyond, often adding little unnoticed details that that make our days.

If you’re fortunate enough to have someone in your life that keeps things cleaner and a little more orderly, it’s time to show them how much you care.

But how do you give back with a personal touch to the people who’ve made a career out of it? A surprise chair massage should do nicely.


A housekeeping week gift with a personal touch.

Treating your housekeepers to a massage is the perfect way to celebrate Housekeeping Appreciation Week. Not only is it more unexpected than a box of chocolate, flowers, or card—it shows you care in a surprising, refreshing way. (And a box of chocolates in addition to a chair massage wouldn’t hurt either.)


Put your hospitality professionals in good hands.

At Incorporate Massage, we understand how to make a lasting impression. With a highly skilled group of certified massage therapists across the country, we make Housekeeping Appreciation Week massage simple, and we’re ready to make your celebration one to remember. Here’s how:

Just let us know when and where you’d like us to be and how many people we’re treating to a massage. We’ll send you a free quote, and then one of our certified, friendly massage therapists will show up to deliver the goods.

There’s nothing cookie-cutter about our massages. Each is a catered experience complete with aromatherapy, music, and an atmosphere that will leave your housekeeping professional smiling.

Let us help you make Housekeeping Appreciation Week special this year.

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