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Booking Instructions

Online Booking Is Easy.

You can schedule in one of the two simple ways listed below.



OPTION #1: Book from your mobile phone.

Book anytime, anywhere with our mobile app, Breaktime.

Never miss out on snagging your massage slot again!

Download it here:



Mobile Booking Instructions available online here- Mobile Booking.

OPTION #2: Book from your computer

 1. Click the link to your company’s site in the email you received from us.

(If you did NOT yet receive an email from us, you may not be in the system yet, email [email protected] to get set up with an account.)

If you can’t find that email, you can also get there by following these steps:

I. Click “Client Login” in the navigation bar on this screen.

 2.  Click “Member Login” on the next screen.


3. Click the time zone your program is in.


Now you’re ready to log in.

1.  Type your email address and password, then click “login”.

If you need your username and password resent to you, email [email protected].

 2.  Click the tab at the top of the screen with your company’s program code on it.

If you need your program code resent to you, email [email protected].



3.  Skip all the selections and click the “Search” button.

(If you want to book further out than the default, select the date range by clicking the “Choose Your Own Dates” link.)


4.  Click “Book” next to the time slot on the day you would like.


5.  Click “Book Appointment”.

Note: You can also book a recurring appointment if your employer allows that option.

6.  Enter Payment info when prompted, if applicable.

Congrats! You did it! Get ready for some well- deserved R&R.