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See How Entrata Uses Onsite Massage

Client Case Study

Massage at Work: Brandon’s Story

As one of the early clients of Nivati, Entrata has seen nothing but good things from their employee massage program.

See what Brandon Fish, Entrata’s VP of Human Resources has to say.

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How Entrata Uses Nivati

Entrata uses Nivati for its 1,000 employees across 3 separate locations, one of which is a 24-hour facility.

Brandon’s employees love their “Massage Mondays” where their standard team of massage therapists arrive at the Entrata office with everything they need to give some great massages.


What Brandon Loves About His Massage Program

Since Entrata’s employees can set up their own appointments on their phone, tablet, or computer, it makes the whole process a cinch to run.

Brandon also loves that his massage appointment gets added to his calendar as soon as he books it, making it easy to remember and schedule around.

The text and email reminders are an additional perk to make sure employees make it to their massage appointments. That keeps their program utilization up and doesn’t allow for empty massage appointments that no one uses.


Massage Program Data Justifies the Expense

“The data that is provided to Entrata by Nivati is amazing because it helps me justify the expense to our CEO,” Brandon says, noting that the data makes it easy to continue this program as a benefit to their employees.

But data aside, Brandon’s favorite aspect of his employee massage program is simple. “It’s become our employees’ favorite perk.”