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Are massages supposed to hurt?

This blog post was written by Ambrosia Greer, a Nivati Massage Therapist and Meditation Guru. You can see more of their content on the Nivati platform and on the Nivati blog. If you want to learn more about Nivati, click here. 

Are massages supposed to hurt?

The body reacts with two types of responses regarding massage: the relaxation response and the mechanical response. Most people seek or look forward to relaxation when booking a massage. This response to the application of soft-touch is healing, breathing regulation, decreases in blood pressure, and reduction in stress hormones.

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Data Points That The Best HR Leaders Are Tracking Right Now

The human aspect of Human Resources is everything. HR people like you are concerned about employee happiness, engagement, and success. A lot of day-to-day support (even emotional and mental support) plays a massive part in employee success. However, it is also essential for HR leaders to consider the hard data when they are making decisions for their employees and providing solutions to leadership.

The Nivati HR Leader Brain Trust group determined the top data points and statistics every HR leader should track to ensure growth and success for the company and employees.

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Wellness and Mental Health Program Goals and Objectives for Remote Teams

What is the current state of remote-employee wellness at your company?

Even before the start of the pandemic, companies recognized the benefits of providing wellness programs for their employees. The expansion of EAPs to include health and fitness programs, sometimes with lower health insurance contributions as an incentive to participate, has been well received by employers and employees. But as we’ve seen, most EAP programs fall short in the mental health arena, and many companies have no actual mental health program goals and objectives to guide their team to success.

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The Key Elements of Goal Setting at Work

Have you ever wondered what makes a goal a good one? We look over our shoulder, and there’s someone striving to run a marathon or bench press 250 pounds. Over the other, someone is working to open their own business while attempting to become a worldwide speaker. Goals are everywhere: on our way to work, on our way home, on our way to the gym, in the grocery store, down at the park. Everyone seems to have them, and everyone seems to want them. People certainly spend a lot of time talking about goals, the elements of goal setting, and how we must work towards them.

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Healing From Grief Through Technicolor

In a world where grief is viewed in black and white, I’m here to say that grief is so much more interesting when viewed in technicolor.

Growing up, I knew black and white grief—sadness, crying, dark clothes, drizzly days, death, and funerals were par for the course. Input from people, books, and media constantly affirmed the gray gloom I saw and experienced, so I had no reason to consider anything different.

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Ways to Increase Engagement During Employee Onboarding

It’s an employee’s first day, and they are experiencing jitters and excitement. After a week or two, that feeling fades, and HR leaders face the challenge of keeping employees engaged throughout the rest of the onboarding process.

The Nivati HR Leader Brain Trust group came together and determined four key ways to improve engagement during this stage.

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How to Set Remote Work Boundaries Around Working Hours

Since the unexpected pandemic, the workplace and our home lives have merged more than ever. Many jobs transitioned to remote positions and have stayed the same ever since. Working remotely can be enjoyable because it cuts down on commute time and allows the comfort of working in your own home. Yet, remote work isn’t without its cons. It is very easy for work life and home life to intertwine when your home is your workspace. 

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