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How Parents Can Cope With Stress of Leaving Their Kids at School During Difficult Times

Trigger Warning: This article mentions school shootings. This article was written by a Nivati counselor who specializes in trauma and grief. Please call 911 in case of an emergency, and reach out to your counselor or a hotline like SAMHSA for mental health support.

As a parent, sending kids off to school can be very anxiety-provoking just because of the mere thought that “no one can care for your child the way you do”. Seeing the increase in gun violence and school shootings can cause anxiety levels to heighten even more. Parents, if you are having difficulty feeling comfortable sending your child to school, you are not alone.

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Coping Strategies For Anxiety At Work 

Most people experience feeling a great amount of anxiety in the workplace. It is common to feel anxiety for a majority of different reasons. This can include factors such as feeling like the work you put out there is not good enough, feeling overwhelmed with the workload you are responsible for and the time frame it needs to be completed in, or even personal life stressors that can seep into your workday. When put in a position where you feel like you are experiencing stressful situations this can lead to the feeling of anxiety. 

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