How to Measure the ROI of Your Mental Health Program

A whopping 41.5% of people reported symptoms of anxiety or depression in 2021. 

For a company of 1,000 people, just focusing on addressing depression can reduce company costs by $340,000. 

Mental health impacts everything we do as human beings. Mental health is so pervasive that it impacts everything humans do at work. Thus, it affects every aspect of a business.

When mental health is supported at work, everyone benefits – from the individual contributor to the CEO.

If your company isn’t addressing employee mental health right now, don’t worry! It’s not too late. You are missing one of the most crucial tools in today’s business world, but there is still a chance to provide what your employees really need.

So, if mental health is so impactful, how do you start measuring the ROI on employee mental health programs?

  1. Break the ROI elements down into measurable categories
  2. Understand the difference between the quantiative and qualitative benefits
  3. Start measuring progress and seeing the positive impact!

Keep reading because this article will teach you how to communicate those benefits to your company leaders as well.

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How to Talk About Mental Health in the Workplace

Talking about mental health can be confusing. What does mental health even mean? How do you start talking about mental health?

In this article, we make a case for why talking about mental health in the workplace is so important for HR leaders and managers. We will also walk you through how to talk about mental health at work with your direct reports.

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Nivati Announces New Mental Health Tools with Sleep Neuro-Music Library

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – January 5, 2021 – Nivati, the holistic mental health platform with the most tools for employees, has added a new sleep-improving neuro-music library to their platform for all current clients and their employees. These new sleep tracks will be a new tool in Nivati’s platform to support mental health, in addition to their core offering of virtual therapy and proactive care tools like meditation, life coaching, and more.

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Recruitment and Retention Strategies for HR Leaders to Consider

The Great Resignation has gotten HR leaders thinking about their recruitment and retention strategies. With 91% of HR leaders worried about employee turnover in the near future (according to Gartner), HR teams are left wondering: How do we make our retention strategy successful? And should we even be focusing on employee retention at all?

This article explores the 2 primary recruitment and retention strategies, their pros and cons, how internal vs. external hiring ties in, and how to determine which method is best for your company.

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Twelve Months of Wellness: How HR Leaders Can Support Employees all Year

Make 2022 great by celebrating the twelve months of wellness! In this blog post, HR leaders will find many ways to support employees all year round.

We know you have a busy year ahead, full of hard work, achieving goals, and celebrating your employees. These twelve months of wellness tips will help you plan out special occasions and employee wellbeing initiatives throughout the year.

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How to Use Your Mental Health Program to Increase Retention

A recent survey from Gartner found that an astounding 91% of HR leaders are worried about employee turnover in the near future.

This blog post delves into how HR teams can use mental health initiatives to create a community, not just a great place to work.

HR leaders have found that creating a place where employees feel they can bring their whole being to work increases their loyalty, productivity, and happiness.

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