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Your Guide to the EAP Implementation and Search Process

EAP implementation and purchasing is one of the most challenging projects in an HR leader’s career. It is daunting, overwhelming, complicated. There may be hundreds, even thousands, of employees that need support. How can one EAP possibly address all of their needs?

You’ve come to the right place. This is where you can get a breakdown of EAPs – how to choose one, launch one, and manage one.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to start finding the best EAP for your team!

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The Way You Approach Mental Wellbeing Needs to Change

We all know that stress and depression have become major issues in many of our lives. You read or hear about this wherever you turn. There are many causes—problems with work/life balance, health concerns or worries, financial issues, and many more.

As human resources professionals, we know this has become an increasing issue in our workplaces as well. As an HR director, I’ve certainly seen it time and again. And it’s been hard to watch my employees in pain, trying to juggle home, work, health, etc., especially now during the pandemic.

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The Top Benefits of Taking Breaks at Work

Have you ever wondered whether it’s better to complete your work in small chunks or just power through it? Studies have shown that most full-time workers spend more than the typical 40 hours a week at work. About a quarter of employees work during their lunch breaks – leading to an attitude of overworking. It turns out there are many benefits of breaks at work.

There’s no federal mandate on employee breaks, but some states require them. Regardless of what legal requirements you’re under, breaks make total business sense.

Learn why breaks are beneficial and some guidelines to follow.

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Top 11 Employee Assistance Program Companies

Do you want to start offering an employee assistance program (EAP) for your staff, but you’re not sure where to start? Knowing what services your company needs can be tricky, but offering an EAP with a virtual wellness program is a massive benefit to your employees. Employee assistance programs can provide employees with access to counselors, financial advisors, and life coaches to help them overcome many of life’s challenges.

Learning about the top employee assistance programs and their pros and cons is a great place to start the EAP search process!

Here we offer 11+ examples of employee assistance program weaknesses from some popular employee assistance programs (EAP).

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6 Things that Companies with Effective Wellbeing Programs Do (with Infographic)

Effective wellbeing programs are hard to come by. Wellbeing programs are more prominent than ever, yet half of employees never use them!

In this blog post, we’ll walk through some brand new findings from on which employee wellbeing strategies work for HR leaders and their teams. To read the full report and access an infographic on the findings, go here.

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