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How Managers Can Have a Conversation on Mental Health: Insights from Natasha Bowman

We had an incredible conversation with Natasha Bowman, an advocate and champion for workplace equity and founder of The Bowman Foundation for Workplace Equity and Mental Wellness.

Read on to learn more about Bowman, her mental health story, and how managers can talk to their employees about mental health.

Warning: This blog post mentions suicide.

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How Science Can Be Leveraged in The Field of Self-Development

“Bam!” “Crunch.” “Swoosh.”

I started running. Above me, I could hear the trees crunching and the branches rubbing their leaves up against one another, making sounds much like leaves merely swaying in the wind. The only difference was that these sounds weren’t coming from the wind; they were coming from chimpanzees. You may be wondering: what on earth can I learn from chimpanzees? Do they have anything to do with self-development? Well, they may seem like they don’t, but I think my story may surprise you.

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Why Sleep is Important for Employee Mental Health

According to the Psychiatric Times, having good sleep hygiene is one of the pillars of mental health. And even though sleep is crucial for mental health, it seems to be the easiest to neglect. From staying up late to finish a project or saying we will “catch up” on our sleep during the weekend, sleep is disregarded or pushed aside for another time. However, we need sleep in order to give our mind and body a reset, as well as process the day’s events.

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How Companies Can Address Finances and Mental Health at Work

Finance is the #1 stressor that Americans face. Yet, just like mental health, personal finances have been a taboo topic.

When we don’t talk about it, we are less likely to get help.

Only 1% of people have a financial advisor, and many people forgo 401k and other financial benefits at work.

Here’s how employers can start changing that trend so more people can live abundantly.

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