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April 3, 2017 Amelia Wilcox

Admin Day Massage + 9 More Gift Ideas

Administrative Professionals Day is April 26, 2017.

Once an obscure holiday, Admin Day has become a big deal. And it should be. Admins devote their days and their entire professional careers to making sure your life is as organized and easy as possible.

So here are 10 unique gift ideas for Administrative Professionals Day (plus 3 rules to remember) to show your team the appreciation they deserve.


Admin Day Massages + 9 Other Gift Ideas


How do you give back to someone who toils tirelessly for your wellbeing? It takes some thought and planning. And that’s what we’re here for. We’ve outlined 3 rules you might want to follow and then some ideas to get you started.

No matter how you decide to celebrate Admin Day, just make sure your admin team knows how much you care (and how you’d most likely be a complete mess without them.)

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Let’s start with some ground rules. The key to great employee gift giving is to make it count and make it unique. Here are some keys to remember:


RULE #1: No Gifts for On-The-Job

Admins work hard. And that’s an understatement. The last thing they need is something else to help them with their jobs. That gold-plated stapler? Don’t do it. A new desk calendar? Admins pretty much have that covered. Think outside the office here, and your gift will mean a lot more. See our list below for ideas.


RULE #2: Put Some Thought Into It

Beyond working hard, the job of an admin is usually unheralded and often thankless. The last thing you want to do is drive that home with a thoughtless gift. Something that shows you put some planning and real thought into it will go much further.

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RULE #3: Return the Favor

If admins worked under one of those fancy Latin banners, it might read something like: We Make Lives Easier (except in Latin, which we won’t try here). As such, it might be a good idea to reward your admin with a gift that returns the favor and says you understand how much easier he/she makes your life.


 10 Best Gift Ideas for Admin Day


admin day massages and gifts

1. Administrative Professionals Day Lunch

How many times has your admin gone out of the way to order your lunch? More than you can count? Return the favor by ordering your admin lunch. It’s a simple, but thoughtful, gift that shows that you recognize and appreciate his/her work.


admin day gift ideas

2. Car Cleaning

Pay to have your admin’s car cleaned and detailed. It’s a great, unexpected gift, and with all the mobile detailing companies, it’s a great surprise as well. You can schedule it to happen during the workday so they get a nice treat at the end of the workday.

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3. The Three-Hour Lunch

If an entire day off isn’t feasible, give your admin a three-hour lunch. Just make sure you give them a heads up, so they can plan something nice in advance, like meeting up with friends and family or a mid-day trip to the spa.


admin massages

4. Grocery Delivery

Technology is a wonderful thing. Use it to order you admin groceries and have them delivered right to his/her door. Just an app, a few clicks, and you’ve just made your admin’s life a little easier for the day. Go even bigger with a month’s subscription to a grocery delivery service.


administrative professional day massage

5. The Day Off

Much more impactful than the typical fruit baskets and flowers, a day off sends a clear message that definitely shows your gratitude. If other fun activities are planned during Admin Day, allow your admin team to take their extra day off anytime of the month.

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admin day chair massage

6. Housecleaning Services

If you really want to make your admin team’s day, arrange for housecleaning services. Having their houses cleaned is a simple, but powerful, way to say thanks.


7. A Favorites Basket

The problem with your typical fruit or candy basket is that they don’t show much in the way of personal touch. Flip the traditional gift basket on its head by making a favorites basket for your admin. Favorite book, favorite candy, a gift card to his/her favorite restaurant. This one takes a little bit of time and effort, but it’s well worth it.


admin massage

8. Tickets for Two

Tickets for what, you ask? Well, that depends entirely on your admin support staff. Could be a local sports team, a theater production, the symphony, an up-coming local festival, or good old fashioned movie tickets. Bonus points if you let them sneak out of work early on the day of their event.


9. Pony Up

That conference or training that your admin has been asking to attend? Make it happen on Admin Day. It’s a great way to show you appreciation.


admin day massages

10. Admin Day Massages

Juggling calendars, making appointments, canceling meetings, and making sure your life is organized is a stressful job. Show your admin you care with an office chair massage service or a trip to the spa. There won’t be any complaints—and we won’t complain either.


Amelia Wilcox

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