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October 12, 2015 Amelia Wilcox

Best Corporate Offsite Locations in Your Own Town

Corporate offsite retreats are staples in the world of company culture. Company retreats can be a refreshing break from the daily grind.

And a key component to the whole thing is location, location, location.

best corporate offsite locations in your town

Best Company Offsite Locations

In Your Own Backyard

The biggest expense of any company offsite is often the location. Especially when choosing far-off locations that require added travel expenses.

Not every business can fly entire departments to Cabo for a week-long intensive. So here are some corporate offsite locations that are a little closer to home.

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Downtown hotels

Local hotels that normally serve tourists are usually more than happy to host your company retreat in a meeting room. Since hotels are set up to cater for events like these, the cost of food will often be included.

Companies big, small, and everything in-between can find the perfect size meeting space at local hotels. Bonus points if it’s a historic venue filled with local lore and old-timey photographs.


Convention centers

For a large company, it may be necessary to find a venue with a much larger capacity. Your local convention center will likely be a great fit. Though costs may be considerably higher than a smaller venue, a convention center is prepared to handle large numbers of people at a single event.

Convention centers are often booked well in advance for regular events, so you’ll need to plan things ahead of time.


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Corporate retreat centers

If nothing else, there are event spaces that specifically cater to corporate retreats. These spaces might have kitchens and private en suite rooms to allow for events that last several days. 

Corporate retreat centers will offer a variety of room sizes for different meeting types. A large conference room can fit a bigger team, with smaller rooms available onsite for breakout sessions.


Universities and colleges

Local schools have classrooms and auditoriums that may be available for rent. Depending on the time of year, some larger classrooms may be empty.

Just make sure participants are given several breaks to stretch their legs — college auditoriums aren’t known for being terribly comfortable.


Low-cost offsite locations

  • City parks are a great low-cost option for company day-long retreats.
    • A covered pavilion with picnic tables can provide the bare-bones essentials.
  • Restaurants with large private rooms can be reserved for day-long events.
    • As long as the company is buying food and beverages from the restaurant throughout the day, it should be an even trade.


Amelia Wilcox

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