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November 15, 2017 Amelia Wilcox

Why Strong Company Culture Depends on a Healthcare Strategy

Do you find that your company culture has some room for improvement? While no culture is perfect, there are important things you can focus on that will give your culture the biggest boost.  Creating a culture strategy that focuses on healthcare is one of the best ways to improve your company culture.

We spoke with Dr. Donna Milavetz of OnSite Care, a company that provides onsite medical clinics and wellness programs to businesses of all sizes.

She told us about the current state of healthcare and how companies can take steps to positively impact employees’ health. Find out why a company’s first goal with employee health needs to be building a strategic healthcare plan.



Why Healthcare and Company Culture are Intimately Linked

In Dr. Milavetz’s 20 years of clinical experience, she has seen what works and what doesn’t work in healthcare. With OnSite Care, she’s able to make a big impact on people’s health—by providing care at the workplace.

OnSite Care is a great example of how to make access to healthcare easy by providing it at work. It addresses issues such as employee presenteeism, which Dr. Milavetz says means, “The lights are on, but no one is home.”

The only way to solve this, Dr. Milavetz says, is by employers engaging in their employees’ healthcare—not managing their health or being involved, but just providing their employees with the resources to receive the care that they need.

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Healthcare Improves Company Culture by Boosting Employee Morale

According to Dr. Milavetz, healthcare is a huge cost to employees and when their company provides some sort of healthcare benefit, it shows that they value the employee holistically. It’s a huge boost to employee morale and it improves the company’s productivity.

Companies may not be able to offer complete on-site clinics like the ones provided by OnSite Care, but even small steps to improve employee health can go a long way. Dr. Milavetz mentioned implementing a smoke-free campus, subsidizing employee food cost, or building a walking path for employees to use during the work day.

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employee healthcare impacts company culture

The Key to a Robust Benefits Plan

Dr. Milavetz emphasizes that a robust wellness program will reward people for engaging with all aspects of health, including mindfulness, nutrition, and exercise. And while very few companies have strategic healthcare goals, it’s a great place to start.

Watch the video above to hear Dr. Milavetz has seen robust wellness programs make these impacts on businesses:

  • Employee engagement goes up
  • Productivity goes up
  • Profit margin goes up dramatically
  • Improved retention, decreased turnover
  • Onsite wellness as a great recruitment tool

Amelia Wilcox

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