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June 8, 2016 Amelia Wilcox

Hiring Top Talent: The Growing Influence of Social Media


In a report titled The Importance of Social Media for Recruiters and Job Seekers, SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) has collaborated with Ascendo Resources to provide an in-depth look at how social media is impacting the job market.

As a hiring manager, do you check out job prospects online? Is LinkedIn your first stop for finding new top talent? How does Facebook come into play when making hiring decisions? SHRM’s latest report covers all this and more.

Using Social Media When Hiring Top Talent


In a comprehensive survey of HR professionals and recruiters, SHRM and Ascendo Resources report that social media does affect how they go about recruiting and hiring.

There are differences in the importance of social media depending on the field, though a solid two-thirds (65%) of those surveyed reported that within the last year, they’d used social media to source new hires. (Read SHRM’s report here.) 


hiring top talent


The implication for job seekers is to make sure your social media profiles are ready for this kind of scrutiny. Here are some of the keys HR professionals mentioned:

  • 77% found it important to have a complete profile on social media
  • 73% thought job seekers should keep all public information professional
  • And 47% would like to see membership in career-focused social media groups

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Social media for job seekers

There seems to be a clear divide when talking about social media uses in the professional workplace.

As a business-oriented network, LinkedIn seems to be the favorite by far for recruiting purposes. But some managers still found other social media sites important for recruitment.


SHRM/Ascendo Resource The Importance of Social Media for Recruiters and Job Seekers @SHRM 2015

Source: SHRM/Ascendo Resource The Importance of Social Media for Recruiters and Job Seekers @SHRM 2015


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Additional information in the report covers:

  • How important is it for job seekers to have an online presence?
  • How does job function/role affect the importance of an online presence?
  • What social media tips for job seekers do HR professionals have?
  • Where to recruiters find job prospects online?

(Editor’s note: This article was previously published in September 2015. It has been fully updated and revised for clarity.)

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