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Massage Wellness Programs

It only takes a 15 minute chair massage.

It amounts to a quarter of a lunch break and three-fourths of a catnap. But a 15-minute massage in the workplace can completely enhance your entire company.

Sure, corporate massage feels good, but there’s so much more.

Whether it’s monthly, weekly, or even daily, creating a massage wellness program for your office comes with a lot of benefits—both for you and for your employees. You see, corporate massage does more than feel good. It lowers stress while boosting productivity. It improves posture while cutting down on sick days. A 15-minute massage also contributes to calm minds, better self-awareness, and more motivation throughout the day.

Bring the benefits of massage into your office.

While massage has been used for generations across cultures, and all over the world, corporate massage, research has recently shown that bringing the benefits of massage into office results in a better bottom line for your business, and better overall health, happiness, and satisfaction for your employees.

We don’t see corporate massage as just an occasion.

We see it as an ongoing strategy to build a better business. Making massage part of the workday can give your company the edge you’re looking for. Stay a step ahead of your competitors by retaining the best talent out there with massage wellness programs.

We know that no two offices are alike.

Different companies have different needs and different goals. Whether you’re looking to cut down on employee stress or simply create a more appealing place to work, instituting a massage wellness program can help.

Want to start a massage wellness program?

Give us a call and tell us about your goals. Since an effective massage wellness program isn’t a one-size-fits all affair, we’ll come up with a solution that works for you. From the frequency to the type of corporate massage, our wellness programs are based on helping you create a healthier, happier workplace.

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