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November 12, 2015 Amelia Wilcox

4 Ways to Bring Chair Massage to Your Remote Team

If you have a mobile team where everyone is on the go (in different directions), you can’t rely on a typical office massage set-up. You’ll have to get creative.

Our therapists are used to this kind of thing. See how we’ve helped some of our clients bring stress reduction to their remote workforce.

4 ways to bring chair massage to your remote team

How to Lower Stress for Your Remote Workforce


1. Make your meetings more interesting

Who says meetings should be dreaded? If your team only ever sees each other at the weekly or monthly meeting, you can offer chair massage at these times.

Bringing office massage into a regular meeting is a great way to catch everyone in one place. It has the added bonus of encouraging employees to attend the meeting, too.

By setting up a massage chair in the back of the room, everyone can get a chance to rotate in and out of the chair while the meeting is in progress.


2. Create a work retreat worth talking about

If regular meetings aren’t your thing, you can bring chair massage to your next work retreat or other big event. When remote teams don’t often meet in person, these events can be a lot of fun — but also a lot of stress.

Keep things mellow with a massage chair or two. Not only is it a great perk, but it can help keep employees minds’ sharp.

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3. Telecommuters can get their own special treatment

If you have some employees you really never see — because they work in another city or state, you can help them out too. If your in-office employees all get a 15-minute massage every week, your telecommuters could get a gift card for a 1-hour massage once a month at a local spa.

Your work-from-home employees love to know that you remember them!

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4. Keep wellness options open

If none of these ideas work for your team, consider other ways to keep stress at bay for your remote employees.

Offer to pay for your employees’ gym pass, weekly yoga group, or personal trainer. Keeping active is a great way to de-stress and keep wellness alive.




Amelia Wilcox

Amelia Wilcox is the Founder and CEO of Nivati, a leader in corporate massage and employee mental health support since 2010. Her high-growth B2B company provides employee stress management tools that arm businesses with actionable data and positive employee experiences to improve wellbeing, boost morale, and increase engagement.

Amelia has exponentially grown her company from a solo living-room service business to an international technology brand.

Recently listed as a Forty Under 40, Fast 50, Inc 5000 Twice awarded National Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year

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Licensed Massage Therapist since 2002
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